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The's his wedding too!

Posted on February 6, 2014 at 3:38 PM Comments comments (327)
The’s his wedding too!
Just before the wedding ceremony starts, the Minister and Groom enter from the side entry of a church or venue and proceed to the Altar.  No music.  No fan fare.  Very boring. 
Isn’t this his special day too?  Doesn’t he deserved any attention?  Aren’t the guests his family and friends too?  After all, doesn’t he look handsome in that tuxedo and it is because he asked his beautiful bride to marry him that there is a wedding to begin with!
Let’s focus on the Groom and his Processional.  He should enter walking down the aisle to his music.  He too will enjoy the smiles, tears and well wishes of those he passes while making his grand entrance.  Imagine your guests’ delight as he strolls in to his own fun music like “Another one Bites the Dust, ”U Can’t Touch This,” or the “Mission Impossible Theme!” He should pick a song that reflects his personality.
Once he’s at the Altar, he turns and faces his guests.  As his Best man and Groomsmen enter, they walk up to him and give him a “Bro Hug” or clasp his hand and Congratulate him before proceeding to their places at the Altar. 
What a great photo opp!  Remember, your guests probably won’t remember what they hear, but they will remember what they see!.  Weddings should be Visual and Dramatic! 
Pastor Gina Wind